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Pan-Canadian Association of Nurses of African Descent (PCANAD)

We bring a collective voice to the national stage to combat anti-Black racism within Canadian nursing!

Pan-Canadian Association of Nurses of African Descent (PCANAD)
Association Pancanadienne des Infirmières et Infirmiers D’ascendance Africaine (APIIOA)

Welcome to the Pan-Canadian Association for Nurses of African Descent.

This group serves as a collective voice for Canadian nurses of African descent at the national level.

We are a leading national organization committed to mobilizing, supporting, and connecting nurses of African descent across the country through their respective provincial/jurisdictional organizations.

Organizationally, we are composed of various groups of nurses of African descent (African, African Nova Scotian, Black, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Brazilian, etc.) working within their local context to eliminate anti-Black racism in nursing.


We value Inclusive Representation!

If you are a registered nurse, licensed/registered practical nurse, registered psychiatric nurse, nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, nursing student, retired nurse, and internationally educated nurse seeking professional recertification in Canada, and you identify as of African descent…YOU BELONG HERE!!!

Promoting anti-Black racism is a collective action!

We welcome partnerships with organizations that are committed to anti-Black racism in Canada.

Our Mission

To amplify the voices of Nurses of African descent by promoting the recruitment, retention, professional advancement, and representation in education, practice, administration, research, and policy. To advocate for the health and wellbeing of people of African descent in Canada.

Our Vision

Inspire, engage, and empower nurses of African descent to become leaders in their field and lead change for equitable health care in Canada.

Our Guiding Principle

PCANAD recognizes the work of existing organizations serving the interest of nurses of African descent both with jurisdictional or federal mandates and does not, in any way, take away from the incredible work or prevent the furtherance of such organizations.

Our Organizational Members
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Black Nurses Association of Nova Scotia (BNANS)
BNANS is a collective of Black nurses creating change for Black people and Black nurses within the Nova Scotia healthcare system.
Email: nsblacknurses@gmail.com
Canadian Black Nurses Network
CBNN serves as one of the professional voices, advocating for Black and Brown registered nurses, nurse practitioners, registered practical nurses, nursing students, and retired nurses from the Canadian provinces, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. We partner with like-minded organizations, and role-modeling exemplary teamwork, to provide leadership, coaching, mentoring, motivation, encouragement, and inspiration to members and help them obtain senior leadership positions.
Email: sinclairdionne2@gmail.com
CACBN Brand logo
Coalition of African, Caribbean and Black Nurses in British Columbia (CACBN)
CACBN is a grassroots nursing-led organization founded in 2020 after members recognized the increasing need to move away from colorblind policymaking that dominates Canadian policy ideology while recognizing the lack of value placed on those living in Black bodies.
Email: info@cacbn.ca
Ontario Black Nurses’ Network (OBNN)
OBNN is a collective of Ontario Black Nurses who are committed to supporting professional development and contributions to healthcare
Email: info@ontarioblacknursesnetwork.ca

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